Rockabilly Rave #15, England

Rockabilly Rave #15, England

Emails from the Dallas Demon…

Robs Chop Shop: Hey Jerry, have you got my Barber floor sorted for the Rave?

JCB: Yep.

Rob: What about my tables?

JCB: Yep!

Rob: What about a Barbers Chair?

JCB: What?

Rob: Yeah come on Jerry, get with the program I need a proper chair!

JCB: Where the f**k am I going to get one of those?

Rob: Oh yeah make sure it’s a proper ‘50’s one…

JCB: Oh right of course…that’ll be easy. I’ll just go to the 1950’s Barber Chair shop…anything else??

Rob: Yeah do you have some soft carpet? I’m on my feet all day you know…

JCB: I’ll get you some big foam rubber clown shoes…

Rob: Hey Jerry, don’t be like that, now don’t you be like that!!! By the way can you tell people that I’ve got the original Slick W 50 Grease for sale?

JCB: Sure, is it good and thick?

Rob: Man that stuff is so stiff I was able to mend some Pontins furniture with it and fix the bodywork on that car that Nick dropped the couch on…You know that was all Nicks doings…Hey Jerry that Nick he’s a bad ass, I was led astray… I said to him, Hey Nick, Don’t be like that!!!!

(Continues for 200 emails…)