A Man’s Barbershop

A Man’s Barbershop

Barbershop? Yeah, you’ve heard of them. They’re the places men used to go to get a hair cut and a shave. Oh yeah, you remember. Kind of like salon but much more “masculine.” Don’t you wish those places were still around?

Well I’m here to tell you they are, or at least one is. It’s called Rob’s Chop Shop. It’s like a barber shop of the ’50s. Something out of the past, right here in Dallas. Mint green walls, rock and roll memorabilia and a single old-fashioned barber chair create a classic look.

Rob Villarreal, a 30-year-old second generation barber from Galveston owns, runs, and operates this one man barbershop. With rock and roll music and a pair of scissors, Rob meets all of your barbershop needs.

Don’t settle for a sissy salon. Go where men go to get their hair cut: Rob’s Chop Shop.

– James Greuel